Make it Crunchy with Poppy Seeds

Written by Agromart

A traditional apple pie is all about the mellow taste of the caramelized apple with the crisp bite of the shortcrust base. This is probably what has made the apple pie one of the favorite desserts throughout the world. Adding some crunch to your apple pie might add some extra edge to your dessert.

There are various ways of adding crunch to your apple pie. You might do so by adding some cereals or nuts to your pie filling or pie crust. Popular choices would be pecan nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, oats or puffed rice. An original choice would be to use poppy seeds in your crust or apple filling. Poppy seeds have the advantage of adding a light nutty flavour to your pie, especially if you are eating the pie fresh out of the oven.

If you are looking to include poppy seeds in your recipes, you might want to get bulk poppy seeds. Bulk buying could be a more cost-effective solution. This is because supermarkets and other specialised markets offer poppy seeds in small jars and at a higher rate. You can find your poppy seeds supplier online and could order bulk amounts depending on your the volume required for your use. Blue poppy seeds might be a good choice because of its high quality and low morphine content.

Agromart is one such supplier that principally offers blue poppy seeds for sale. The company has operated since 2007 across Europe and the US. Their poppy seeds have a low morphine content and a guaranteed shelf life of two years.

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