Add Color to Your Recipes with Blue Poppy Seeds


Written by Smart Poppy Seed

The appeal of the traditional apple pie is all about the mellow taste of the caramelized apple coupled with crisp bite brought about by the shortcrust base. This might be why this pie is so popular among people all over the world. Even though this dessert is so popular, it is not a particularly colorful one. You might consider adding a dash of color with a sprinkle of blue poppy seeds right before the pie goes into the oven.

Poppy seeds not only add color to recipes. They also provide a light nutty texture to pies and desserts generally. If you seek to add an extra crunch to your pastry base as well, you could even add a few tablespoon of poppyseed to your dough before rolling it out. The nutty flavour of the seed would emanate further after baking and would add an extra edge to your pie.

If you are seeking to include them to your recipes, you might be wondering where to buy poppy seeds. Generally bulk buying is a good cost-effective option. This is because supermarkets sell them in small containers and the rates tend to be higher when you compare price and quantity. Bulk poppy seeds suppliers can be found online. You might consider ordering a larger amount that you would need as poppy seeds have a good shelf life and can be preserved for several months. Blue poppy seeds are often preferred for recipes as they have a low morphine content.

Smart Poppy Seed is a bulk supplier of unwashed poppy seeds. These poppy seeds can be used in various sweet and savory recipes.

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