A guide to equipment for a small Ice Cream Store

Written by Gelato Products

If you planning on opening your own small ice cream shop, deciding on what ice cream shop supplies are needed can be overwhelming. When buying ice cream equipment, remember that the higher the quality of your equipment, the better your products quality will be. Therefore, buy the best quality products you can afford. Here are a few basics you will need before you open your store;

Ice Cream Shop Equipment: Freezers and Refrigeration Units
Ice cream merchandising case
Drop-in ice cream bar freezer
Reach-in freezer

Ice Cream Shop Equipment: Dispensers
Syrup pumps
Ice cream cone dispenser
Toppings dispensers

Ice Cream Shop Supplies: Dishes and Utensils
Ice cream dishes
Ice cream scoops

Regular ice cream spoons or spades
Tasting spoons
Disposable ice cream cups

Ice Cream Shop Tables and Seating

Wall style bar tables
Bar-style chairs
Children’s high-chairs

Other equipment

Cash registers
Point of sales system
Menu boards or chalk boards

If you intend to expand your business to include cold beverages, coffee and baked goods, you will require additional equipment. It is important to decide on your product line before looking for space on rent or to purchase. As additional products will require a lot more space. This should be weighed in relation to the additional sales each product is estimated to generate.

To understand how you should organize your layout, it is best to visit a number of your competitors. This will give you an idea of the pros and cons of each of their stores.

Gelato Products is a supplier of colored plastic spoons and other products for Gelateria owners.