Four benefits of giving out free samples

Written by Gelato Products

1Some small gelato vendors may be reluctant to give out free sample tasters of their products, because they may feel that free samples may add to their costs. But it is important to look at free samples as a form of marketing costs and a way of raising the awareness of your brand and product choice. Here are 4 benefits of giving out free samples.

1: Spreads the word – Giving out free samples of gelato in your store or sending free samples to your target market, will help spread your brand within your target market and their inner circle. For example, if you know of a local company that eats in or near your store, send them a few tubs of your popular flavours with extra gelato cups and spoons. This will help to bring awareness and maybe bring future orders for office birthday parties and events.

2: Shows your generosity – It shows the consumers that you are a generous vendor and want nothing in return, except for the consumer to judge the product for themselves.

3: Gets feedback – If you are giving out free samples at your store, order a few taster spoons to reduce costs. Once a customer tastes your products, you can always ask them in person what they liked or disliked about the flavour.

4: Customers can try out potentially new products – If you are unsure if your target market will like a new flavour, try sending samples to a smaller group within your target market. This will reduce the cost of including a new flavour, that wouldn’t sell.

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