Paleo Apple Crisp Recipes

Article written by Paleo Forever

The traditional recipe for an apple crisp (also known as apple crumble across the pond) is a apples topped with crumb and then baked. The apple itself can either be raw or precooked. Precooking shortens the time in the oven. This allows the entire dish to be setup and then finished very quickly in the oven, just enough to toast the crumb topping and make the apple that much softer.

Making this recipe paleo friendly is actually a lot easier than other desserts. Other desserts require elaborate substitutions and a lot of additional processes to achieve the same texture, consistency and taste. Not so with apple crisp.

The first change is to swap our the melted sugar and water when precooking the apple. You can simply substitute honey for the processed sugar. Whether you decide to cook it or not honey works nicely.

The crumble is where the changes are interesting. Rather than the combination of butter, oats, sugar etc. We would now use a combination of coconut oil, eggs, chopped nuts, honey and mix them all together. The resulting mixture is our new and actually yummier crumble mixture.

And thats it. Now you have a paleo compliant dessert that everyone can enjoy.

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