Planning an Ice Cream Party

Written by Gelato Products

Summertime is the perfect time for ice cream parties and even though this kind of party might be a breeze to throw, it still requires some prior planning. This would especially hold true if you are thinking about throwing an ice-cream birthday party or are celebrating any other summertime event. The checklist below might come handy in ensuring that the party goes smoothly.

Ice Cream

This it is an ice cream party, the most important element would be the ice cream. You might be needing copious amounts of it and in different flavors. In order to count the number of servings, you could count at least two servings for each guest. A child would be having around one cup of ice cream during the whole event. Vegetarians and vegans would also need to be catered for. Dairy-free ice and gelatin-free ice cream are now widespread.


Every guest has a favorite flavor but generally classic ones such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are the most popular ones. You might check with your ice cream supplier whether they could have a stall at your party with different ice cream flavors and tasting spoons.


Toppings add another element of fun to the ice cream party. Popular toppings are fruits, nuts, biscuit crumbs and jellies. Sauces such as caramel or melted chocolate can also be poured on top of each cup.


These would need to be order a few weeks before the party and can even be bought online. Some suppliers offer the possibility of having personalized ice cream cups.

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