Hiring tips for your ice cream shop

Written by Gelato Products

Ice cream shops usually hire a lot of teenagers and college students, which can cause high turnover. However, hiring friendly, helpful staff is important to ensure that your sales are high and your customers are happy. Here are some tips on how to hire for your ice cream shop.

Get active in the community – As an owner/ manager, you should engage with your community and its institutions like schools and colleges to hire new talent.

Create a list of questions for the interview process – Your interview questions will help you select the right candidates for your shop. Look at asking a set list of questions like the following.

Who was your last employer?

Did your last job role involve direct customer service? If so how?

Why did you leave your last company?

How many hours do you wish to work?

Make your shop a fun place to work – Most young employees will stay in your establishment if it is a fun place to work. Get your employees involved in the ice cream creation process, by asking them to provide flavor combinations. You can also have company outing that helps employees engage with one another.

Pay fairly – You should offer your employees the hourly wage that is offered by ice cream shops in your area.

Create a training program – A good quality training program will provide your employees with a good foundation. They should be trained on service, hygiene and how to use the ice cream shop supplies.

Give your employees a taste – To avoid theft, you should give your staff meals and the chance to sample the products on offer. This will reduce employees from eating in excess and reduce theft in the form taking gelato cups and spoons or other items home.


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