How to make a DIY Ice Cream bar

Written by Costbuys

Ice cream bars are the newest rage for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Here are a few ice cream bar basics that you can adapt to create your very own DIY ice cream bar.

What you will need

  1. Cotton candy colored mason jars – Mason jars are great to put your topping in. Choose a few cotton candy colored masons jars, while shopping online and you’ve got some color to make your ice cream bar pop.
  2. Ice Cream holders – Ice cream cone holders are a must to help you scoop your ice cream, while your guests grab them.
  3. Colored wooden spoons – Wooden spoons are eco-friendly and shabby chic. Choose ones in funky colors with a cute saying for added fun.


Vintage Ice Cream parlor engagement party – This is ideal for couples that love simple settings and want an engagement party that is more about fun and mingling. Personalize your ice cream parlor with customized monogrammed cone papers and heart-shaped

Mint + Gold – Mint green and gold, is a fancy color theme for an ice cream cart. Choose gold bowls and spoons with mint green ice cream.

Rustic country wedding – Hire an ice cream bartender and have ice creams mixed with liquor toppings. This will get your guests tipsy and ready for a county do.

At home ice cream without the fuss – Pre-scoop your ice cream into small mason jars and pop it in the freezer. Add fancy toppings before serving and you’ve got ice cream with a lot less fuss.

Creating your own DIY ice cream bar can be as easy as visiting an online shop that specializes in ice cream products.


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