Homemade Gelato Tips

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No one can achieve pro status overnight. Even world renowned chefs have to study, practice and master their crafts for several years. In the case of Gelato making, you’ll need time, patience, and some splash of creativity. Save yourself from making a mess and follow these tips to create those mouth-watering sweet desserts.

Gelato is different from ice cream in terms of texture. Gelato creations use milk, sugar, egg yolks, salt and flavoring. Sugar can be substituted with other sweeteners like honey, agave nectar and other types. The mix of egg yolks, milk and the right temperature creates the elastic and slow melting composition, as compared to ice cream’s rich body.

Mix the base and heat for couple minutes to simmer. If you’re making chocolate gelato, add the chocolate chips while the mixture is warm. For fruit flavors, puree slices on blender before mixing them with base. Strain the mixture to remove solid parts and to the get silky texture. Let the mixture chill down for hours. After, pour it to your ice cream maker. Once you achieve that desired elastic texture, serve on ice cream cups and prepare the tasting spoons for everyone.

Remember to incorporate more air into the gelato base while on the ice cream maker. Do not under churn. Unlike ice cream where the goal is to make it thicker, for gelato, it’s the silky elastic texture that makes it different.

For the super-rich, and intense flavor, use whole milk and overripe fruit. Whole milk delivers more vivid taste compared to cream. Many suppliers of gelato products can advise on which premium type of milk is best. Also, ripe fruits have more flavor that mixes well with milk or cream. It also adds some level of sweetness in the mixture.

Create your own gelato at home. As daunting as it looks, it’s easier than you think. Gelato Products can supply all the necessary ingredients and gelato supplies for your sweet creations!

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