The Importance of Spoons and Cups for Gelato Shops

Written by: Gelato Products

Like the commercials used to say: we all scream for ice cream! If you’ve ever watched kids in a park clamoring for the ice cream man, you know just how true those words really are. There are a few unlucky people who are lactose-intolerant, but even they can enjoy shaved ice. Nothing beats a cool treat, especially on a warm day.

When ice cream shops use attractive supplies, like colored tasting spoons, it adds to some of that magic. It’s not just about the flavors, it’s about the mood. Pinkberry and Baskin Robbins understand that cultivating a brand is more than just what you sell. It’s how you sell it. If you’re aspiring to run your own yogurt shop, you should take some advice on color coding your spoons and cups so customers can enjoy the mood.

Most people will make time to go out for gelato, even if it’s served in a plain white cup. However, gelato cups and spoons that sport branding tend to stand out. You’ll find yourself getting customers from word of mouth marketing, like people asking others at the mall “where did you get that?”

Part of the appeal to ice cream is the experience. You share ice cream with a date, or enjoy it with friends or as a reward for kids who do well in school. There are all sorts of reasons to buy ice cream. Still, shops that manage to cultivate a true experience through fun plastic yogurt spoons and cups will be the ones that stick out in people’s minds.

Although some people tend to look over such details, those who thrive in the food service industry understand the importance of branding. Gelato cups and spoons that sport your store’s branding or colors that you are associated with, help you stick out in people’s minds. Even when people are finished with your treat, you will still have a chance at marketing from passersby who may see your distinctive logo in the garbage.

Gelato isn’t just a treat, it’s an experience. If you don’t give customers something fun and exciting to remember you by, you’ll be just another ice cream shop in their eyes. Part of why Pinkberry succeeded is fresh ingredients, but character and personality are just as important. That signature pink color, or the shaped spoons are all telltale signs that one has been to a Pinkberry. You too can cultivate this level of appreciation for your shop with custom designed spoons and cups.

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