The difference between gelato and ice cream

gelatoproducts4Written by Gelato Products

Most people use the term gelato and ice cream interchangeably. However, gelato and ice cream are quite different. Here are the main differences between the well loved cold treats.

Texture – Gelato and ice cream have totally different textures. Gelato is lighter, softer and smooth, with a cleaner taste. While ice cream is heavier and richer. The difference is mainly due to factors such as fat, sugar, air and serving temperature.

Temperature – Ice cream is stored at lower temperatures, making it harder and creamier. While gelato is stored in slightly warmer temperatures and therefore is softer with a looser texture.

Fat – Gelato is made using less fat and has less air churned through it during freezing. Most gelato is made using more milk than cream. Regular ice cream, on the other hand, has 10% heavy cream. This may vary in terms of brand and often will be higher in premium varieties.

Churning – Ice cream suppliers will churn ice cream quickly to whip air into the mixture. Premium ice cream brands will overrun the mixture by 25%. Which means that the mixture will increase by 25% from its initial volume. Gelato suppliers on the hand will churn their mixture a lot less, which introduces less air into the base.

Flavor – Since gelato is churned less, it has an intense flavor and since it has less fat, it coats your mouth less and therefore feels cleaner. Ice cream, on the other hand, is richer, due to the higher fat content.

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